Sunday, August 8, 2010

My work has really taken a turn but at the same time I feel I am getting closer to where I want to be. I started this project not really knowing where I was going to go with it but I had an idea of the formula I wanted to start with. I knew I wanted to work with the universe, I knew I wanted to include me, and I knew I wanted to have some sort of drawing or sketch involved with the image and its shape and form. I also knew that is was very important that I make sure that the photo of me looks realistically grounded. I am not so concerned about light because I don’t believe that we really know how light works within the universe so I am not sure I can gauge a proper assessment on how it would look in a photograph. As far as I see it the universe is more of a background for the image a metaphorical representation of thinking outside the world we know. I feel in the first blogs I got a little caught up in trying to define one meaning and that has proven to be the opposite of what I really want these images to represent. They are suppose to be snapshots of subconscious exploration. I am not wanting to really pin point what everything means within each image. In fact I would like the opposite of that. I once did a painting that looked very Dali-like and I never knew WHY I placed each element in the image the way I did. Then one day when I was at a concert I started thinking about the image and it all made sense to me…it was an representational image of what I felt like my talent meant in this world. I liked that I didn’t know everything at first but that it came to me later and instead of allowing the conscious to lead, you allow your subconscious. I am sure other artist went with this method as well such as Picasso or Dali. I want these images to do the same for me. I want to explore my subconscious through placing different elements in different ways while combining different elements that might not normally fit together. In this particular image I really like how the drawing gives the photograph form and a different kind of depth especially since my point of view makes it look like I am interacting with image. I would like to explore replacing some of the sections of the drawings with photographs of actual surfaces. I was thinking of elements like metal from a giant trash can or stained glass sections from a window. I would of never come up with this idea had I not just thrown myself into this series and allowed myself to explore. What I also love seeing is me actually interacting with my own drawings…that to me is very satisfying to see and it also inspires many more ideas such as experimenting with different mediums. In another image I am next to an element that was painted with gold paint pen and then scanned through. The results are quite interesting and it makes me want to try different types of mediums to incorporate into this series.

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