Monday, August 9, 2010

I feel I am getting even closer to where I need and want to be with this series. One thing that I was really focusing over this past week was the incorporation of the universe images and HOW I want to go about including them. I am learning through this series and through sketches that the proper universe image makes ALL the difference. If I choose the wrong one it could look cheesy and flower-power looking or it just distracts too much from the other elements. I must say that I LIKE that this is the case. Since I do know that this series is about breaking out of the world’s comfortable atmosphere and exploring new territories, its so nice that choosing the CORRECT location in the universe becomes extremely crucial. I am no longer literally and metaphorically just floating through space.

Another experiment that I played around with was incorporating myself in different ways and just always having me placed somewhere in the foreground. In one image I actually turned myself into a silhouette to work with a piece of art I found. In the above piece, I chose to not ground myself in the image but rather make myself apart of the shape and form. This particular image (the one above) is also a great example of me really thinking through what universe images to use. I knew I wanted to incorporate the drawing of the fetal man but I wanted it to look like he was apart of the universe and not just pasted to it like the images of me. I did a lot of searching and was able to find the right universe shot to use with the illustration. The results are exactly what I was trying to get. I also searched high and low for the perfect ground to include in which I was able to incorporate the surface of a planet as my foreground.

Aside from these two new ways of approaching this series, I have also pin-pointed how I want the series to work within itself. I’ve decided to break it up into three different sections. Past, present, and future. There are two images for the past which include the couple dancing in front of the stars and the hugging couple with their mirrors. Those images come from the past and for fellow Pink Floydians, they represent the past. The present will have three images that include one element that is not my work to signify other artist that are my contemporaries. The image included in this blog is an example of the present. Then for the future I want the images to really be centered around the drawings that I do so as to represent thoughts in the process of being produced, and therefore alluding to the future. The only images that will include my drawings will be for the past and future sections because when I think of the past I think of all my sketches that lead me to where I am today. Also when I see my current sketches, I think of all things that will be produced in the future from my current ideas.

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