Sunday, August 15, 2010

So one of the things that I really truly love about this project is that as I continue to work on it, I am flooded with more and more ideas. Never in my life have I been on such a roll in terms of creativity. The last few times I have been working on this project I kept getting ideas to replace some of the drawn elements with actual textures that exists in the world. I ended up going to an antique store, walking around, and photographing different textures and surfaces that could possibly be used in the project. This has turned out to be an extraordinary idea for this project. As of now I am currently working the image entitle, “Buddha Thoughts” (shown above). Although, I still feel I have not reached the final design of the image I do feel I am getting closer and closer to where it needs to go. I still need to play around with the color palate of this image…as this seems to be the hardest part with this particular one. It probably has something to do with all the elements that are being used…I still need to play around with a couple of different color styles and hopefully I will find what I am looking before the end of the week. This image is the only one that I feel has A LOT more work and experimentation to do on it.

What I have also done with the images that I got from the antique store is use them for the surface for me to sit on. This one image that I began working with includes golden arcs from a sculpture that I have duplicated and warped to fit in with a pre-chosen universe image I have. Although, I am still playing around with the orientation and placement of these golden arcs…I am LOVING how it looks. The gold reflecting light gives the image so much more depth than what I have been working with. These images will fit into the “future” section of the series but will be towards the end because when I look at these arcs I think of my sketches but on a way more developed level…like the sketches are beginning to take on their actual form as they move away from their rough idea phase. I defiantly need to keep playing with different surfaces especially ones that react to light in a cool way like metallic ones. This project has come so far from its beginning phases and the journal that I have to follow this progress has been absolutely crucial for its development. Not only has this project provided for me a series that is loaded with ideas but I feel like I am also honing in on a very productive working method. My journal is loaded with thumbnail images all separated by category. First I have my people images of myself in the studio in different poses, then table-top photography of all my little objects to be used, then images of the universe that I wish to incorporate, then images of my contemporaries work for me to use in the “present day” section of the series, and NOW I have loads of images that is nothing but textures and surface areas. Needless to say, my journal has enabled me to create this project. Without having all the elements in front of me (as opposed to browsing on my computer) I would not have been able to come up with the best possible combinations. I love it! This project could not be going smoother. And the best part is…I finally feel like I am creating art that directly reflects who I am as an individual. I am so excited to see where these crazy ideas could lead to a year from now. I am already extremely pleased with my start…but I KNOW this series will go somewhere absolutely spectacular one day…its just all a matter of my getting comfortable with working with so many different elements. YAY! I am pleased

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