Sunday, August 22, 2010

coming to an end

So I am finally getting to a finishing point in this project. Not only have I completed all the images I had the time to create but I also figured out how I am going to pull this series together to make it look like the images go together. I know that this project started off as something completely different but I was expecting it to evolve into something completely different. I knew how I wanted to execute the images, I knew what elements I wanted to incorporate, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to pull them all together because I knew each image would have it’s own meaning. At first I thought that I would work with a timeline to help give it some congruency but that wasn’t strong enough to pull all the images together. I will still use this concept but it will pertain more to the order of how the images will be displayed on a wall. I have been searching for that one element to bring it all together and it finally came to me with the help of my class critique (thanks again everyone!). I had come to class with an experimental image that had one of the composites sitting in a frame that was on the ground. Without thinking much of it, I brought it into class just see what everyone thought. My professor immediately loved it and threw out the idea that ALL of the images should be contained within the frame. Fearful that the images would look redundant, my classmates all assured me it wouldn’t. Then one person said exactly what I needed to hear. She said some of the images are a little jarring at first and the frame makes it easier to approach. After saying this, the series concept that I had been waiting to stumble upon came to me. All of these images are glimpses into my world so the thought of someone walking by some random place and seeing one of my images in a frame left behind would really enhance that idea. So I went up to Asheville to my mom’s house because she has a bunch of frames from the 60’s and 70’s. I wanted the frames to look worn and tattered like they have been sitting there for a while. I also wanted them in unidentifiable place because I didn’t want any focus to go to where these images might be found, but rather they could be found anywhere if your looking for them. I also worked with nature a little bit and included the ground and pinecones or broken pieces of brick left behind. They were all shot on a sunny day because these are happy concepts I am trying to get across and because the images are so strong in color and contrast I didn’t want them to look like illuminated images within frame. My professor was keen enough to point that out at the critique. I hadn’t noticed how the image tended to look like one that had a backlight behind it and that is not what I want. I always love it when critiques not only help seal an idea but when people are able to point out things you haven’t noticed. Anyway, once I get all my composites in their frames I know I will be able to write a very solid artist statement…I just need to see my series completed in front of me to do so. (p.s. the color is WAAY off on the image just so ya know)

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