Sunday, July 25, 2010

This image is suppose to sister the piece before this one with the people dancing on with the universe behind it. The image of the couple also came from the long lost Pink Floyd images book. I just love the idea that the couple is generating. The first image I did with the people dancing was about sharing experiences together and growing from it this is image is about learning who you are through shared experiences. Every relationship we have challenges who we are as individuals and I just love seeing a couple kissing and at the same time checking themselves out. I wanted to have them in a field or near the pyramids as the land they are on so I am still in the process of breaking that down. I am also still deciding WHICH universe picture I want to put in the background for this one. Both images (this one and the dancing couple) are still lacking their drawings and doodles on top of them because I am still designing those images. I do really like that they are dressed on classic clothes because it puts a time era on the image and that is another reason I chose to scan these images rather than photograph them. With photographs I could eliminate those pixels and paper look to the images but I rather like that they look antique (because they are!) and I want the viewer to gather that information on their own just by looking at it. This image still has a lot of work to be done on it but I am really pleased with beginning stage. I almost want to start a time line with this series where these images would be the first ones and the last ones would be the images that include me and all the ones in between could have cultural references from the time in between then and now.

Last Thursday we got to go to Turner broadcasting and see the behind the scenes. It was a pretty fantastic trip and I learned SO much. One of the things that really pleased me was seeing that the camera they use for photographs AND filming is the same as my camera, the Mark II. I knew they would be using that camera but it still feels really good to SEE that I have the same equipment as the professionals. One of my favorite parts was seeing how the composites are made. They had little quick time videos that broke down the work that was involved to create their posters from the original image to the final print and that was just incredible to see. Watching the creative process of a successful company is extremely rewarding…I got so many ideas just watching them and I was able to answer some questions on my own that I had been wondering about their production. It was also really neat seeing what KIND of environment these professionals work in and it was so chill and not stuffy like I thought it would be. It was actually very bright and creative and so were all the people. Michael gave us his card and said we could come down whenever we pleased and watch a photo shoot….I am SO doing that.

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