Sunday, July 25, 2010

This image has begun to really take form as well as open up a whole new world for me in this project. I thought I was going to be limited when it came to using only me for the images of the person but I see now that I don’t have to limit myself. I like the idea of incorporating the old into the new because that is pretty much what this project is about…the old affecting the new. This image has a lot of meaning for me because it comes from the Pink Floyd collection of art that pretty much has never seen the light of day. I want to continue using old images from their collection because they are aesthetically pleasing and they work SO well with my concept. Pink Floyd cleaved the way for music and took rock and roll to the next level that it HAD to go to. Floyd is one of those bands that understood the importance of evolution and I feel like took music as a whole under their wing and took it upon themselves to help it evolve. I believe rock and roll would be dead if it wasn’t for Floyd stepping up and understanding that it had to go somewhere new for people to want to continue to follow it. These days my favorite genre of music is called space rock with is rock with an electronic twist. The bands play tracks that they have produced in the studio for an album but then live they take some of those tracks and go into 20 minute improvisational jams so it becomes cerebral music. I wouldn’t be listening to that music nor be the person I am today without Pink Floyd thinking outside the box like they did. This image becomes even more powerful once you understand this background information I am giving you. Pink Floyd took one of the things that grounds us as humans (rock and roll) and raised it to a universal level. So, when I look at this image I see Pink Floyd in the people tying us to our roots as rockers and then I see the universe in the back and I think of where they took us. Music is an extremely vital part of my life…I sometimes call it my IV to life so its no wonder I wandered off to the music side of the world to be incorporated in this series. I want this series to represent all the happy and optimistic thoughts and feelings I have about the world we live in and how it all ties us to the universe. Music has also given hope for my future and my future husband…it has allowed me dream of images of us dancing on the moon with the stars at our backs so it feels absolutely incredible to verbalize my dreams through imagery and photography. I feel a lot of power coming through these images as I composite them and when I look at them I DO see MY brain on paper and I love it. These images are MY imagination and I am finally at a point in my life where I am willing to invite others to see some of my personal dreams and fantasies…I finally have the strength to invite others into my world. Maybe that is what I will call this series…”The Invitation”. Yep, that’s exactly what it will be called. An invitation to my imagination.

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