Monday, July 12, 2010

I have begun to work on another piece for my project. Its about being together in far off places. So far all of my ideas have only included me or just one person. I would like to have at least one image that has the idea of two people sharing new ventures together. Part of this series is about encouraging people to step outside the box and start using their imagination correct? Well in lure of that I would like to also touch on the idea of doing just that but as a shared experience. Part of what inspired this project is me trying to tell myself to think outside the box and to really utilize my imagination. It’s an attempt to try push me to live above the regular and average standards of human life. Well, one day I would like to get married and share my life with another human being but at the same time I in no way would want to stop living life the way I know how to live; therefore I must be ready to share the way I live and look at life. This image is not only a promise to myself that I will one day share my creative life with my husband but it also to encourage others to want to share their particular ways with their significant other.

Apart from the romantic connotation this image has it is also the merging of the old and the new. This refreshes the concept I mentioned last week about the past being the foundation to the future and having appreciation for what our ancestors did to help springboard us to where we are today. Here is an image from Pink Floyd’s collection of unknown art. This image was the front cover for “The Collection of Great Dance Songs” done in 1981. First of all I found the image completely intriguing and very appropriate to use for my series. The concept is surrealistic yet deep. It makes me think of how humans could not survive without our ties to our very own planet. It makes me think of human beings that are very “grounded” to the world they know. These two thoughts are exactly in line with one of the ideas my series is centered around….connection relating to growth. I chose to look through Pink Floyd’s work in the first place because they are a great living example of what my series is trying to get across. They were all about breaking boundaries and stepping out into uncharted territory, with the help of their current technology. I like that the scan of the image causes a grit effect to occur on the dancers. It will allow the viewer to automatically know that the image is from the past and not the present. That last sentence makes me want to find something so that I could put an image in this series that connects the present to the future. I will have to explore some options. Anyway, the basis of this piece is that we have to do this together, we have to grow together, and we have to learn to love and utilize our planet together so we can keep progressing fantastically into the future.

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