Monday, July 5, 2010

I have taken my image to the next level and have begun to remove the original sky and have started adding images of the universe. I intend to remove every other tile on the balcony and replace it with grass. The concept is about stepping outside the walls of your own mind and allowing it to take you to other places, other galaxies if you let it. You are not suppose to see the girl’s face because she is suppose to be more representational rather than a character. I intend on changing the color scheme of the buildings to make it look more like the idea stems from the imagination. I also want to include some my cats walking around the balcony if it looks correct. Another point I am trying to get across is the idea of working in harmony with the universe rather than working against it. I feel like when we begin to work with the things around us, then true dreams have a greater chance of manifesting into reality (i.e. technology). The reason I chose to be in a skyscraper is to highlight my initial concept about appreciating society for it’s technical advancements. Skyscrapers only get higher and higher as the years go by and the tallest building in the world is three times the size of the Empire State building. Our advancements are exponential as time goes on so theoretically if we stay at the rate we are going, we will one day reach the stars. Again, these images are about imagination and pushing the limitations or thinking outside the box. I chose to include a small image of a plug being plugged into the building as a small symbol for the importance of electricity in our technology. I feel that that idea alone could inspire another image for the series but focuses on that particular concept; the power of power in our modern day society and how it plays such a massive part in the our expanding consciousness. As technology grows, so does the complexity of the world. Things were much simpler 50 years ago and so was the technology…it was minimal as was creative thought. I believe that the number of artists in the world grows with our technological advancements not only because they offer more jobs that require designers as apart of the team, but because technology inspires new thought as it breaks new boundaries. I myself am extremely inspired by the world around us and how it is built on human knowledge. I also wouldn’t be ½ the artist I am today without technology. Not only with my cameras but also with my DJ equipment; and with my turntables, comes much more chaos and complexity thus bringing me back to the idea of technology and complexity going hand in hand. I do want to incorporate some of my sketches overlaying the bottom left corner of the image to help reiterate the chaos idea. Order can come from chaos it just takes contemplation, planning, and notes lots and lots of notes. This is why I like to include my notes in my work because they are a vital part of the way I operate and think and create so I like to include them in this series. I feel it works well the with concept of the series and it is aesthetically appropriate for the style of image I would like these to have.

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