Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is the picture that will be the foundation for the first image I plan to manipulate. What I plan to do is turn this ordinary world into a surreal one. My project is about tapping into the imagination and letting it run wild. It also is a reflection of what it is like inside the walls of my own imagination. I encourage the viewer to allow themselves to let their mind look at the world from a joyful and optimistic place. Even though the world is full of pain I still believe the world is predominantly good. I believe that if you allow yourself to really look around you can see just how extraordinary of world we are living in. I feel like sometimes that my generation and younger generations have a tendency to take our technology and way of life for granite because we have grown up with technology and our accustomed to it. I also feel like so much entertainment is centered around violence and evil (i.e. the news and movies like Saw) that people can have a cenacle view on life. Many of my friends seem to suffer from this problem. Too many people believe that world will end in 2012 when I feel the exact opposite. I tend to think that things will start to change consciously and we will begin to tap into new universes and ways of thinking. These photos could be considered a glimpse into the future. Our technology advances so quickly that we are opening up to new galaxies of possibilities. Why would the world end now that we are just getting started? Our ancestors have worked so hard for civilization to get to this point; the point where we are no longer trying to conquer our surroundings. We have everything we need covered. If we want food we go to the grocery store. If we want to travel we fly across the globe in an airplane to Japan. If we need to go across the state we drive in our cars. If we need to contact anyone we know we pick up a cell phone. These are the luxuries that not even 3 generations ago would have killed to have to been able to be apart of. These are also the things my generation can take for granite. So my fantasy driven, outer-space like images are create to not only remind current generations not to take the amazing technology that surrounds for granite AND it’s a glimpse into our future because we have completed our tasks within our planet so now the only next place to go is outer space.

So in this image I will be taking out a lot of the buildings in the background as well as the sky and replacing it with images of space taken by NASA. On the ground of the balcony I will replace the stone with grass and maybe have some tree leaves peeking out from the top of the balcony view. I will then overlay a portion of the image with sketches that I have done that are similar to the ones on the second image included in the blog. The sketches are just images and ideas that came to me when I was just letting my mind wander in my sketch book. It is suppose to symbolize the idea previously mentioned about thinking of new ideas outside the ones we are familiar with one Earth. It also reiterates the idea of actually sitting back, observing, and appreciating the evolving technology that surrounds us.

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